A woman is eligible to apply and receive consideration for an ELF loan if she:

  • is recommended by a local chapter of the P.E.O. Sisterhood
  • is a citizen or legal permanent resident of the United States or Canada and resides in the United States or Canada
  • Submits an application within six to 24 months prior to state graduation or course completion date
  • is accepted in an accredited U.S. or Canadian postsecondary institution
  • has a high school diploma or equivalent
  • meets the minimum credit score of 625
  • does not exceed the indebtedness limit for her degree level
  • has two qualified cosigners for the loan
  • needs financial assistance

At the time a loan is disbursed, a student must be enrolled full time or part time in an accredited U.S. or Canadian postsecondary institution. Proof of enrollment is required before each loan installment is paid. Final disbursement must be at least four months prior to stated graduation or course completion date.


Chapter Recommendation

When a local chapter becomes aware of a student's interest, the chapter's P.E.O. Educational Loan Fund chairman will arrange an interview with her. If the chapter votes to recommend the student for a loan, the chapter chairman will complete and submit the online Chapter Recommendation Form.

Student Application

  • A chapter recommendation must be submitted early enough to allow the student to receive, complete and submit her application to the P.E.O. Executive Office at least six months prior to her graduation or course completion date.
  • An online application will be sent to the student from the P.E.O. Executive Office. When completed, the application file will be released to the trustees for review. The average processing time is eight to 12 weeks, provided all requirements are promptly met.
  • The chapter and student will be notified of the trustees' decision regarding the loan application.

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